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Table 3 Gene identities of the most differentially expressed transcripts

From: Transcriptome sequencing of Eucalyptus camaldulensis seedlings subjected to water stress reveals functional single nucleotide polymorphisms and genes under selection

Gene_id LogFC FDR AT_accession TAIR_gene_annotation1
Eucgr.K02440 −35.5 2E-35 AT3G53190.1 Pectin lyase-like superfamily protein
CUFF.8283 31.8 2E-06   no-hit
Eucgr.L01022 5.8 8E-17 ATCG00020.1 photosystem II reaction center protein A
Eucgr.I02271 7.1 1E-62 AT3G12500.1 basic chitinase
Eucgr.I01041 −35.3 3E-33 AT3G10450.2 serine carboxypeptidase-like 7
Eucgr.H04038 7.4 7E-44 AT3G62420.1 basic region/leucine zipper motif 53
Eucgr.J00639 5.8 5E-33 AT5G21170.2 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase
Eucgr.J00493 36.4 2E-43 AT2G27510.1 ferredoxin 3
Eucgr.H00163 6.9 6E-39 AT2G38940.1 phosphate transporter 1;4
Eucgr.G01843 34.3 6E-22 AT5G45180.1 Flavin-binding monooxygenase
Eucgr.A02965 −34.4 3E-23 AT5G17050.1 UDP-glucosyl transferase
Eucgr.F03575 −34.3 1E-22 AT1G32860.1 Glycosyl hydrolase
Eucgr.F02915 −34.3 2E-22   no-hit
Eucgr.F02733 7.1 3E-20 AT1G78780.2 pathogenesis-related
Eucgr.F02646 −38.1 2E-67 AT5G09360.1 laccase 14
Eucgr.F01093 6.2 1E-49 AT4G27410.3 RD26 | NAC domain transcriptional regulator
CUFF.28412 37.5 3E-56 AT4G27450.1 Aluminium induced protein
Eucgr.F00644 8.6 2E-75   no-hit
Eucgr.F00195 −33.9 3E-19 AT5G42830.1 acyl-transferase
Eucgr.E03257 6.5 3E-33 AT2G33830.2 Dormancy/auxin associated
Eucgr.D02645 6.0 8E-47 AT3G61890.1 homeobox 12
Eucgr.D02610 −35.6 3E-36 AT1G73880.1 UDP-glucosyl transferase
Eucgr.D02390 −34.1 3E-21 AT5G49330.1 myb domain protein
Eucgr.A02214 −34.1 1E-20 AT1G28110.2 serine carboxypeptidase-like 45
Eucgr.A02209 −34.4 1E-23 AT1G28110.2 serine carboxypeptidase-like 45
Eucgr.A02209 −34.8 1E-27 AT2G33530.1 serine carboxypeptidase-like 46
Eucgr.D00606 7.2 1E-57 AT1G28330.4 dormancy-associated protein-like 1
Eucgr.A02070 5.8 5E-43 AT3G04070.1 NAC domain containing protein 47
Eucgr.C04029 −33.9 2E-19 AT2G24800.1 Peroxidase superfamily protein
Eucgr.C03801 −34.9 2E-28 AT1G67290.1 glyoxal oxidase-related protein
Eucgr.C03715 5.8 3E-17 AT5G56550.1 oxidative stress 3
Eucgr.C03715 6.7 5E-25   no-hit
Eucgr.A01963 −36.5 2E-47 AT2G42840.1 protodermal factor 1
Eucgr.C01020 −34.1 1E-20 AT5G58880.1 unknown protein
Eucgr.A01768 −35.3 6E-33 AT4G03270.1 Cyclin D6;1
Eucgr.B03987 6.4 5E-57 AT1G60470.1 galactinol synthase 4
Eucgr.B03602 −34.4 9E-24   no-hit
Eucgr.B01275 6.2 8E-20 AT5G18600.1 Thioredoxin superfamily protein
CUFF.12241 −35.7 3E-38   no-hit
Eucgr.L02741 −36.1 1E-42 AT5G17040.1 UDP-Glycosyltransferase superfamily protein
Eucgr.K01836 10.3 6E-88 AT5G06760.1 Late Embryogenesis Abundant 4-5
Eucgr.I02392 12.7 2E-85 AT2G37670.1 no-hit
Eucgr.C00146 −10.4 2E-84 AT2G22980.4 serine carboxypeptidase-like 13
Eucgr.F04160 −11.7 5E-83 AT5G09360.1 laccase 14
Eucgr.I01495 9.5 7E-79 AT3G12500.1 basic chitinase
Eucgr.I02395 7.8 7E-77 AT2G21490.1 dehydrin LEA
Eucgr.B02163 −9.5 3E-76 AT4G28780.1 GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase
Eucgr.H04427 −8.7 7E-74 AT3G06350.1 dehydroquinate dehydratase, putative / shikimate dehydrogenase, putative
Eucgr.E00358 9.2 2E-73 AT4G17030.1 expansin-like B1
CUFF.37010 8.6 4E-72 AT2G47770.1 TSPO(outer membrane tryptophan-rich sensory protein)
Eucgr.G01342 −7.6 3E-71 AT4G15480.1 UDP-Glycosyltransferase superfamily protein
Eucgr.L02980 7.8 2E-70 AT4G27670.1 heat shock protein 21
Eucgr.K00423 7.9 2E-70 AT4G27670.1 heat shock protein 21
Eucgr.C01021 −10.8 6E-68 AT5G17050.1 UDP-glucosyl transferase 78D2
Eucgr.I01044 −10.5 3E-67 AT2G22960.1 alpha/beta-Hydrolases
Eucgr.F03917 −11.7 3E-66   no-hit
Eucgr.I01037 −7.9 3E-66 AT1G33540.1 serine carboxypeptidase-like 18
Eucgr.G01113 −8.3 6E-66 AT1G73290.1 serine carboxypeptidase-like 5
CUFF.9597 11.1 2E-65 AT5G63350.1 unknown protein
Eucgr.H02828 −7.2 6E-65 AT5G13930.1 Chalcone and stilbene synthase
Eucgr.K02961 7.7 3E-64 AT2G40300.1 ferritin 4
Eucgr.C02812 −7.2 5E-64 AT5G11420.1 unknown
Eucgr.I01954 −11.7 2E-63 AT1G69530.5 expansin A1
CUFF.1110 −7.2 5E-63 AT4G16730.1 terpene synthase 02
Eucgr.A02982 8.0 1E-62   no-hit
Eucgr.A02983 7.5 1E-62   no-hit
Eucgr.B00944 −9.3 2E-62 AT1G73620.1 Pathogenesis-related thaumatin
Eucgr.K01196 −7.6 2E-62 AT1G78570.1 rhamnose biosynthesis 1
Eucgr.K01402 37.9 3E-62 AT5G66780.1 unknown protein
CUFF.15800 37.9 6E-62 AT4G16260.1 Glycosyl hydrolase
Eucgr.H02579 −9.6 1E-61 AT5G09360.1 laccase 14
Eucgr.A01095 −7.5 2E-61 AT2G05790.1 O-Glycosyl hydrolases
Eucgr.K00883 −7.1 7E-61 AT4G03210.2 xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolase
Eucgr.K02657 −7.9 1E-60 AT1G75290.1 NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein
Eucgr.L01608 −8.3 8E-60 AT1G73270.1 serine carboxypeptidase-like 6
CUFF.31133 7.6 2E-59 AT1G43730.1 RNA-directed DNA polymerase (reverse transcriptase)
Eucgr.K01402 37.7 4E-59 AT5G66780.1 unknown protein
Eucgr.K03589 −6.8 4E-59 AT5G33370.1 GDSL-like Lipase/Acylhydrolase
Eucgr.H03385 8.4 6E-59 AT5G50850.1 Transketolase family protein
Eucgr.H00093 −7.8 4E-58 AT1G04680.1 Pectin lyase-like
Eucgr.A00203 −7.4 5E-58 AT3G16910.1 acyl-activating enzyme 7
Eucgr.F03878 7.9 6E-58 AT1G15330.1 Cystathionine beta-synthase
CUFF.38682 6.8 9E-58   no-hit
Eucgr.J01348 7.7 1E-57 AT5G15250.2 FTSH protease 6
Eucgr.B03992 −7.2 1E-57 AT5G49730.1 ferric reduction oxidase 6
Eucgr.E04218 −8.2 2E-56 AT5G09360.1 laccase 14
Eucgr.H00118 7.9 4E-56 AT1G04560.1 AWPM-19-like
Eucgr.I00519 −6.3 5E-56 AT4G33510.1 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase
Eucgr.B02376 6.8 6E-56 AT3G46230.1 heat shock protein 17.4
Eucgr.F04203 9.4 6E-56 AT5G50080.1 ethylene response factor 110
Eucgr.G01115 −7.5 2E-55 AT4G12910.1 serine carboxypeptidase-like 20
Eucgr.A02790 6.3 3E-55 AT5G52300.2 CAP160 protein
Eucgr.C01388 −6.5 5E-55 AT2G10940.2 Bifunctional inhibitor/lipid-transfer protein
Eucgr.H04428 −6.3 2E-54 AT3G06350.1 dehydroquinate dehydratase, putative / shikimate dehydrogenase
Eucgr.I02267 7.0 4E-54 AT3G12500.1 basic chitinase
Eucgr.B03602 −7.2 5E-54 AT3G13510.1 Unknown Function
Eucgr.C00148 −9.3 5E-53 AT3G10450.2 serine carboxypeptidase-like 7
  1. 1The Arabidosis Information Resource.
  2. Gene models predicted from reference-guided mapping were BLAST searched against Arabidopsis protein data base. Arabidopsis homologs of top significant genes are presented. E. grandis gene names are used when the predicted genes are mapped to E. grandis gene coordinates otherwise the predicted gene names are used with a pre-fix ‘CUFF’. “CUFF” gene coordinates, read counts and gene identities of all significantly (P < 0.05; bonferroni correction) differentially expressed transcripts are presented in the Additional file 2.