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Figure 5

From: RNA sequencing revealed novel actors of the acquisition of drug resistance in Candida albicans

Figure 5

Effects of CZF1 deletion on genes involved in CDR, calcineurin or beta-glucan biosynthesis pathways. The expression of several genes involved either in CDR (A) or calcineurin and beta glucan biosynthesis patways (B) was measured in czf1Δ/czf1Δ, czf1Δ/CZF1 and wild type strains by final point semi-quantitative RT-PCR. GSL1 is the only gene that seemed to be affected by the inactivation of CZF1 in these experiments. ACT1 was used as a reference gene. (C) growth assays testing the sensitivity of the strains mentioned above to drugs associated to SDS, FK520 and congo red.

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