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Table 1 Number of genes differentially regulated in the various cowpea- Striga interactions

From: Global changes in gene expression during compatible and incompatible interactions of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) with the root parasitic angiosperm Striga gesnerioides

Interaction Up-regulated genes* Down-regulated genes* Total*
SG3 6 dpi (incompatible) 81 30 111
SG3 13 dpi (incompatible) 1111 991 2102
SG4z 13 dpi (compatible) 855 1089 1944
  1. Given in the table the number of significantly (*p < 0.05) up- and down-regulated genes and the total number of differentially regulated genes in interactions of cowpea B301 roots with Striga races SG3 and SG4z.