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Table 1 Unique single nucleotide polymorphisms identified in individual Haitian and Dominican Republic cholera strains, in comparison to all other Haitian and Dominican Republic strains

From: High depth, whole-genome sequencing of cholera isolates from Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Isolate Chromosome Location Ref Allele Variant Allele Associated gene Type of change
DR1 1 1565917/1572833* T C rstA Upstream of gene
H2* 2 166022 C T TagA-related protein Nonsyn
DR1 2 467913 G A Pyruvate-flavodoxin oxidoreductase Syn
DR1 1 3055641 A C Transposase Tn3 family protein Nonsyn
  1. * The two locations provided for the rstA-related mutation correspond to the two copies of this gene in the N16961 reference strain.
  2. †While all other genomic coordinates in the table are specified with respect to the N16961 reference strain, this variant lies in the SXT region, absent from the N16961 reference. Here, the genomic coordinates are specified with respect to the MJ-1236 reference.