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Table 1 Cluster assignments for genes with alternate TSSs

From: Combinatorial control of temporal gene expression in the Drosophila wing by enhancers and core promoters

Gene TSS type Cluster TSS type Cluster
Alh Non-DPE 12 DPE 23
br Non-DPE 9,10* DPE 21
CG17292 Non-DPE 1 DPE 3
CG1906 DRE 5,15 Non-DRE 3
CG32158 DRE 25 Non-DRE 3
ATP-alpha DRE 5 Non-DRE 23
Mod(mdg4) DRE 5,18 Non-DRE 16,19*
Rtnl1 DRE 26 Non-DRE 3,9
CG4390 DRE 13 Non-DRE 3
  1. A small number of genes in our data set employ multiple TSSs that are associated with different types of core promoters. Transcripts associated with these genes often exhibited different temporal patterns of expression (i.e., were assigned to different clusters), which was predicted by the type of promoter, in all except for two transcripts (indicated by an asterisk).