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Figure 2

From: Advances in genome-wide RNAi cellular screens: a case study using the Drosophila JAK/STAT pathway

Figure 2

Visualisation of whole genome data is required for error identification. (A-B) Box and whisker plots show the averages and variance both of the whole data set (All Samples) as well as the controls used in the HFA screen and SRSF screens. GFP RNAi resulted in only a weak decrease in signalling, due to the high levels of Upd-GFP produced in the transfection. Failure of notches to overlap suggests that the two medians are significantly different. Y-axis shows Z-scores. (C-F) Heat maps representing Z-scores of FL/RL normalised values for the HFA screen (C and E) and the SRSF screen (D and F), in unfiltered format (C and D) and after filtering of controls and errors (E and F). As shown in the key, blues represent a decrease in pathway activity while reds indicate an increase.

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