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Table 4 Genes up-regulated in wt proto/sex and pro1 proto/wt proto are predicted to encode secreted proteins

From: Combining laser microdissection and RNA-seq to chart the transcriptional landscape of fungal development

locus_tag best Blast hit withknown function Blast2GO description predicted localization
SMAC_02071 --   extracellular
SMAC_03636 loosenin (Bjerkandera adusta) riboflavin aldehyde-forming enzyme extracellular
SMAC_05143 --   nuclear
SMAC_05496 --   extracellular
SMAC_05710 MoFLP1 (M. grisea) fasciclin extracellular
SMAC_05970 ppg1 pheromone precursor extracellular
SMAC_09568 --   cytosolic
SMAC_12697 ppg2 pheromone precursor extracellular
  1. Putative functions were predicted with Blast2GO[76], putative subcellular localizations with WoLFPsort[77]