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Table 4 List of hits obtained from PSI-BLAST after 4 iterations querying MOQ _006101 against GenBank non-redundant database

From: Comparative genomic analysis of human infective Trypanosoma cruzi lineages with the bat-restricted subspecies T. cruzi marinkellei

Species Description Accession CDD hita % Identity BLAST E-value
Populus trichocarpa Predicted protein XP_002298511.1 Cas1_AcylT 38% 0
Arabidopsis thaliana Putative O-acetyltransferase NP_568662.1 Cas1_AcylT 39% 0
Arabidopsis thaliana AT5g46340/MPL12_14 AAL11600.1 Cas1_AcylT 38% 0
Arabidopsis thaliana O-acetyltransferase-like protein NP_180988.3 Cas1_AcylT 37% 0
Populus trichocarpa Predicted protein XP_002317300.1 Cas1_AcylT 37% 0
Vitis vinifera CAS1 domain-containing protein 1-like XP_002272126.2 Cas1_AcylT 38% 0
Arabidopsis lyrata subsp. Lyrata O-acetyltransferase family protein XP_002879497.1 Cas1_AcylT 37% 0
Arabidopsis lyrata subsp. Lyrata Hypothetical protein XP_002863407.1 Cas1_AcylT 39% 0
Ricinus communis O-acetyltransferase, putative XP_002519732.1 Cas1_AcylT 38% 0
Glycine max CAS1 domain-containing protein 1-like XP_003532649.1 Cas1_AcylT 38% 0
  1. a The best hit from the NCBI Conserved Domain Database.