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Figure 2

From: Proteome remodelling during development from blood to insect-form Trypanosoma brucei quantified by SILAC and mass spectrometry

Figure 2

Comparison of mass spectrometry and western blotting for protein abundance- changes during development of T. brucei. Protein extracts used for mass spectrometry were probed using nine different antibodies. (A) Western blots using total cell extracts of long slender (LS), short stumpy (SS) and procyclic (PC). Antibodies used: Alba 3, iron sulfur protein (ISP), heat shock protein 70 (HSP 70), paraflagellar rod protein (PFR), trypanopain, archaic translocase of the outer mitochondrial membrane (ATOM), cytochrome oxidase subunit IV (COX IV), Aldolase and mitochondrial RNA binding protein 2 (MRP2). (B) Histograms of the fold-change measured by western blotting and mass spectrometry.

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