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Table 4 Analysis of overlap among treatment groups

From: Effects of immunostimulation on social behavior, chemical communication and genome-wide gene expression in honey bee workers (Apis mellifera)

Treatment group # of significantly, differentially regulated transcripts p-value (Fisher's Exact Test)
Colony 1 Colony 2 In both
Saline x Control 340 555 111 p < 0.001
Bead x Control 213 398 70 p < 0.001
Bacteria x Control 278 1198 117 p < 0.001
Total *557 *1453 *206  
  1. Fisher exact tests found more overlap than expected (p<0.001) for significantly, differentially expressed transcripts (FDR<0.01) in the saline-, bead- and bacteria-injected vs control groups between the two colonies.
  2. *duplicate transcripts between groups removed.