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Table 3 The top ten pathways associated with HBc-immunoprecipitated host promoter sequences with the highest enrichment scores

From: Hepatitis B viral core protein disrupts human host gene expression by binding to promoter regions

Pathway Selection counts* p-value** FDR*** Enrichment score****
MAPK signaling 64 2.6720E-09 5.8516E-07 8.5732
Wnt signaling 41 2.7910E-08 3.0561E-06 7.5542
Melanogenesis 30 2.9928E-07 2.1847E-05 6.5239
Focal adhesion (human) 47 4.6332E-07 2.5367E-05 6.3341
Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum 41 6.5163E-07 2.8541E-05 6.1860
Long-term potentiation 23 8.2838E-07 3.0236E-05 6.0818
Calcium signaling 42 1.2489E-06 3.9074E-05 5.9034
Neurotrophin signaling 33 1.7810E-06 4.8755E-05 5.7494
Adherens junction 23 3.1867E-06 7.7544E-05 5.4967
Pathways in cancer 64 3.5835E-06 7.8478E-05 5.4457
  1. * Number of genes associated with the corresponding pathway.
  2. ** Enrichment p-value of the corresponding pathway as determined by Fisher’s exact test.
  3. *** False discovery rate of the corresponding pathway.
  4. **** Enrichment score value of the corresponding pathway, expressed as -log10(p-value).