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Figure 1

From: Euchromatin islands in large heterochromatin domains are enriched for CTCF binding and differentially DNA-methylated regions

Figure 1

Global pattern of H3K9me2 in human pluripotent and differentiated cells. A) A representative region that shows LOCKs in differentiated cells (HA, HAEC and HPF) but not PSCs (H1 and ADA-38). Shown are H3K9me2 signals of ChIP-chip experiments in a ~500 kb long region containing WSCD2 gene. Positive and negative log2 (ChIP/Input) rations are shown in blue and red, respectively. B) qPCR validation of ChIP-chip data. By comparing four cell lines in 23 regions (Figure S1), enrichments (log2 ChIP/Input) measured by ChIP-chip (Y axis) and ChIP-qPCR (X axis) are highly correlated (R2 = 0.87).

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