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Figure 2

From: Euchromatin islands in large heterochromatin domains are enriched for CTCF binding and differentially DNA-methylated regions

Figure 2

Euchromatin islands (EIs) in LOCKs overlap CTCF interacting regions and DNase hypersensitive sites (DHSs). H3K9me2 log ratios of HAEC are shown on the top track. CTCF binding regions and DHSs of HUVEC are denoted as light blue and orange bars, respectively. EIs are small regions with strong negative signals within the body of LOCKs. A) Shown is a 3 Mb long region (top) containing CHD11 genes (zoomed-in view on the bottom), a member of the cadherin gene family. CFCF interacting regions and DHSs are highly depleted in the H3K9me2 blocks (LOCKS), but overlap the EI located near the TSS of CDH11 gene. B) Additional examples of EIs near GP2 and PDILT genes.

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