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Table 2 The genes whose expression time-courses differ between all the lineages

From: An integrative computational systems biology approach identifies differentially regulated dynamic transcriptome signatures which drive the initiation of human T helper cell differentiation

Affymetrix probe ID Gene symbol Functional annotation* Known characteristics in CD4+ T helper cells
203881_s_at DMD(+) other NR
205027_s_at MAP3K8(+) kinase required for proper IFNg production [27]
228055_at NAPSB(+) unknown NR
210354_at IFNG(+) cytokine positive regulation on T cell proliferation, tyrosine phosphorylation of STAT1 and production of IL-12 [59]
200907_s_at PALLD(+) other NR
222838_at SLAMF7(+) other expression upregulated in Th1 cells[16]
237322_at MIAT(+) other NR
1555486_a_at PRR5L(+) other NR
209369_at ANXA3(+) enzyme expression upregulated in Th1 cells [15]
230109_at PDE7B(-) enzyme expression upregulated in Th2 cells [17]
205933_at SETBP1(-) other expression upregulated in Th2 cells [17]
216252_x_at FAS(+) transmembrane receptor expression regulated by IFNg, important for T cell activation [60, 61]
219073_s_at OSBPL10(+) other NR
221271_at IL21(<2) cytokine important for Th17 and follicular Th cell differentiation, increases activation of STAT3 [6264]
223475_at CRISPLD1(+) other expression upregulated in Th1 cells [16]
206999_at IL12RB2(+) transmembrane receptor expression regulated by IFNg, plays a central role in Th1 differentiation [15, 65]
200878_at EPAS1(+) transcription regulator expression regulated by STAT6 in Th2 cells [17]
206974_at CXCR6(+) G-protein coupled receptor predominantly expressed in Th1 cells [24, 66, 67]
206637_at P2RY14(+) G-protein coupled 1receptor NR
212062_at ATP9A(+) transporter NR
210029_at IDO1(+) enzyme NR
236519_at C9orf135(-) other expression upregulated in Th2 cells [17]
214038_at CCL8(+) cytokine selectively expressed on Th2 cells, important for trafficking of Th2 cells, required for allergic immune response by Th2 cells [68]
229764_at TPRG1(-) other expression upregulated in Th2 cells [17]
231192_at LPAR3(+) G-protein coupled receptor NR
202421_at IGSF3(-) other expression upregulated in Th2 cells [17]
221111_at IL26(<2) cytokine expressed on human Th1 cells, increases activation if human STAT1 and STAT3 [69, 70]
227006_at PPP1R14A(-) other expression upregulated in Th2 cells [17]
1555785_a_at XRN1(+) enzyme NR
230110_at MCOLN2(+) ion channel expression upregulated in Th1 cells [16]
222746_s_at BSPRY(+) other NR
220684_at TBX21(+) transcription regulator expression up-regulated by IL-12, regulates the production of Th1 hallmark cytokine IFNg [71]
220603_s_at MCTP2(+) other NR
210839_s_at ENPP2(+) enzyme used in homing to secondary lymphoid organs [72]
210164_at GZMB(+) peptidase important for TCR-induced cell death in Th2 but not Th1 cells [73]
206126_at CXCR5(+) G-protein coupled receptor Il-4 increases expression of CXCR5, important for homing and sensitivity of T cells [74, 75]
208121_s_at PTPRO(+) phosphatase NR
  1. Probe sets that fulfill the two-fold change criterion are marked with the + and - signs following the gene symbols based on the direction of the expression where + denotes up-regulation and - denotes down-regulation of Th1 specific genes. In addition, probe sets that do not fulfill the fold change criterion are marked in the lists with “<2”. The known associations of genes in Th cell functions or subset specific gene expressions are listed in the table. *) Annotation based on Ingenuity Pathway Analysis ® by Ingenuity Systems. NR, not reported.