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Figure 2

From: Bio-crude transcriptomics: Gene discovery and metabolic network reconstruction for the biosynthesis of the terpenome of the hydrocarbon oil-producing green alga, Botryococcus braunii race B (Showa)*

Figure 2

Comparisons of KEGG annotations for Chlorophyta algae. A. Overlap amongst KEGG annotation objects assigned to one or more genes/contigs in the transcriptome of B. braunii Showa, and the genomes of C. reinhardtii, Ch. variabilis NC64A, and Micromonas RC299. Contigs with KEGG annotations found only in the B. braunii Showa transcriptome are listed in Additional file 1: Table S5. B. Distribution of genes/contigs annotated with KEGG ontology categories. Circles on left: first-level ontologies; circles on right: second-level metabolic process ontologies. B, B. braunii Showa; Ch, Ch. variabilis NC64A; C, C. reinhardtii; M, Micromonas RC299.

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