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Table 4 Potential associations between pig olfactory receptor gene clusters and odorant recognition

From: The complete swine olfactory subgenome: expansion of the olfactory gene repertoire in the pig genome

Pig OR cluster Mouse and human ORs with known odorant recognition1 Pig ORs with sequence similarity Amino acid sequence identity( %) Recognized odorant(s) Perceived odor
9-4 Olfr2 sOR6T9 90 n-aliphatic aldehydes Fatty
9-4 Olfr690 sOR52I8 89 n-aliphatic acids/alcohols As above
12-51 OR1D2 sOR1N1 87 Bourgeonal Lily of the valley
4-99 Olfr16 sOR10D1 85 Lyral Lemony, green
7-82 Olfr49 sOR6I1 85 (−) citronellal Lemon
7-84 Olfr749 sOR11A6 85 n-aliphatic acids Rancid, sour, sweaty, fatty
9-5 Olfr653 sOR52J1 85 n-aliphatic acids/alcohols As above
9-5 Olfr642 sOR51C2 83 n-aliphatic acids As above
9-57 Olfr151 sOR8O1 81 Acetophenone Floral/woody
2-159 Olfr73 sOR5I2 80 Eugenol Spicy
9-2 Olfr480 sOR5AA3 79 n-aliphatic alcohols Herbal, woody, orange, rose
9-4 Olfr661 sOR53B4 79 n-aliphatic acids/alcohols As above
9-6 Olfr69 sOR52D3 79 n-aliphatic acids/alcohols As above
1-295 Olfr74 sOR1L2 74 Ethyl vanillin Vanilla
2-14 Olfr154 sOR5T3 74 2-Heptanone Fruity
1-295 Olfr50 sOR1L7 73 I-carvone Spearmint, caraway
9-4 Olfr683 sOR53A1 73 n-aliphatic acids/alcohols As above
3-8 Olfr56 sOR2N1 60 Limonene Lemon
9-4 Olfr672 sOR52I10 57 n-aliphatic acids Rancid, sour, sweaty, fatty
9-5 Olfr586 sOR51V2 52 n-aliphatic acids As above
9-6 Olfr545 sOR52H3 42 n-aliphatic dicarboxylic acids  
- OR3A1 - - Helional Sweet, hay-like
  1. Note: A dash (−) indicates the absence of corresponding pig ORs. The order of pig OR clusters was based on the amino acid sequence identity (4th column).