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Table 1 Summary of data generated for catfish transcriptome using Illumina Hiseq 2000 sequencing

From: Efficient assembly and annotation of the transcriptome of catfish by RNA-Seq analysis of a doubled haploid homozygote

Sequencing No. of tissues* No. of raw reads Read length (bp) No. of reads after trim Avg. length after trim (bp) No. of bases after trim (Gbp)
s_4_1_1 19 49,077,054 100 48,743,295 92.8 4.5
s_4_1 19 128,862,236 100 124,882,873 87.6 10.9
s_5_1 19 137,764,408 100 133,926,741 87.1 11.7
Total - 315,703,698 100 307,552,909 88.0 27.1
  1. *Sequencing was conducted using the total RNA isolated from nineteen tissues of a doubled haploid channel catfish. Tissues include head kidney, fin, pancreas, spleen, gill, brain, trunk kidney, adipose, liver, stomach, gall bladder, ovary, intestine, thymus, skin, eye, swim bladder, muscle, and heart.