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Table 1 Summary statistics of Illumina and Roche 454 GS FLX reads of Cimex lectularius

From: RNA-Seq and molecular docking reveal multi-level pesticide resistance in the bed bug

  PR1b PR2 PS1 PS2 454c FAd
Total number of reads 6.40E+07 6.20E+07 7.30E+07 7.20E+07 N/A N/A
Number of reads after trimming for quality a 6.30E+07 6.20E+07 7.20E+07 7.20E+07 N/A N/A
Number of reads used for assembly 3.00E+07 N/A 4.00E+07 N/A N/A N/A
Number of contigs 34,385 N/A 46,412 N/A 21,088 51,492
N50 value 833 N/A 1064 N/A 456 1150
Longest contig (bp) 13476 N/A 20208 N/A 4699 21,222
Number of reads mapped 4.00E+07 5.00E+07 5.00E+07 6.00E+07 N/A N/A
Percentage of reads mapped to the FA 63.00% 71% 85.00% 84.00% N/A N/A
  1. aq < 20 and length < 20 nt were discarded; bPR, pesticide-resistant; PS, pesticide-susceptible; cSequences were obtained from Bai et al. [19]; dFinal assembly (FA) was obtained by combining 454 sequences and assemblies from PR1 and PS1 samples.