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Figure 4

From: Medicago truncatula transporter database: a comprehensive database resource for M. truncatula transporters

Figure 4

Three-dimensional templates of Medicago truncatula transporters. Here we use a protein called "Medtr7g069640.1" from the Amt family as an example. We obtained the reference sequences from the protein data bank (PDB). There are 10 members in Amt family, all of which pick up four consensus templates named 2NMR (structure of the E. coli Amt), 2NS1 (structure of the E. coli Amt), 2B2F (structure of the A. fulgidus Amt) and 2NUU (structure of the E. coli Amt). Links to PDB and the M. truncatula transporter database are also provided. The result is graphic.

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