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Table 4 Detoxification genes up-regulated in parathion resistant larvae of the SG strain

From: Transcriptomic and phylogenetic analysis of Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus for three detoxification gene families

Gene family Classification Gene number log2Ratio* Expression stage
CCE α esterases CpipJ_CPIJ013917 4.4 All
  JH esterases CpipJ_CPIJ002073 1.7 All
GST Epsilon CpipJ_CPIJ018629 8.7 All
  Epsilon CpipJ_CPIJ018632 5.0 All
  Epsilon CpipJ_CPIJ018627 3.5 All
  Theta CpipJ_CPIJ014051 2.2 Larva
  Delta CpipJ_CPIJ002675 1.9 Egg, larva, adult
  Others CpipJ_CPIJ014694 1.1 All
P450 CYP9J34 CpipJ_CPIJ010546 4.0 Larva, pupa
  CYP9J40 CpipJ_CPIJ010543 3.3 Larva, pupa, adult
  CYP6AG11 CpipJ_CPIJ002537 3.0 All
  CYP6BZ2 CpipJ_CPIJ005956 2.6 All
  CYP9AE1 CpipJ_CPIJ000655 2.0 All
  CYP6F1 CpipJ_CPIJ010858 1.3 Larva
  CYP9AL1 CpipJ_CPIJ012470 1.1 Larva, adult
  1. *Ratio, TPM of SG/TPM of Slab. TPM, number of transcripts per million clean tags.