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Figure 2

From: Dynamics of domain coverage of the protein sequence universe

Figure 2

Example of Pfam and CDD coverage of a protein sequence. A protein sequence RcsC from Escherichia coli (GI: 145698285) is covered by four Pfam domain profiles: HisKA, HATPase_c, RcsC and Response_reg. Two transmembrane regions (TM) identified in this sequence by the TMHMM program are shown as grey rectangles. Small (<50 a.a.) interdomain regions are shown as grey lines. Large (>50 a.a.) interdomain regions are shown as black lines with a question mark. CDD profiles constructed from corresponding Pfam and SMART[14] domain models are confirmatory (redundant) and the only new information is provided by one additional profile, PRK10841, which covers the entire sequence.

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