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Table 1 Number of probes constituting significant methylation and expression combinations and their association with SNPs

From: Genetic analysis of DNA methylation and gene expression levels in whole blood of healthy human subjects

  unique + - overlap SNP cis
     Cis associations  
Methylation 517 224 354 61 69 probes (13.3%), 86 independent loci
Expression 495 214 336 55 62 probes (12.5%), 73 independent loci
     Trans associations  
Methylation 705 585 230 110 1 probe (<1%)
Expression 170 101 117 48 0 probes
  1. This table shows the significant methylation and expression combinations, subdivided into cis and trans associations. The first column shows the counts of unique probes (for methylation and expression). The second and third columns indicate the number of probes positively (+) or negatively (−) associated. The fourth column indicates the overlapping probes: methylation or expression probes that are associated with expression or methylation levels in both directions. The last column indicates the number (and %) of unique probes associated with SNPs and the number of independent (pruned r2 of 0.2) loci in cis.