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Figure 3

From: Nuclear genomic control of naturally occurring variation in mitochondrial function in Drosophila melanogaster

Figure 3

Genetic variation in the sls gene associates with mitochondrial function. (Panel A) The top panel shows the sls SNPs (x-axis) associated with mitochondrial state 3 (empty circle), state 4 (filled circle), and P:O ratio (triangle) at a nominal P-value (−Log10 (P), y-axis) of ≤ 1 × 10-4. The bottom panel reports a schematic representation of the sls gene on the third chromosome at cytological position 62C2-62C4 (NCBI Accession number AE014296.4) and of two alternative sls transcripts (sls-RP and sls-RA). The location of the p[XP] insertion sites that create the slsd00134 and slsd07587 mutations are indicated with an orange and blue arrowhead, respectively. (Panels B-D) In the analysis averaged across sexes, homozygous slsd00134 flies had lower state 3 (F1,38 = 5.37; P = 0.026) (Panel B) and higher state 4 (F1,39 = 4.32; P = 0.045) (Panel C) respiration rates than controls. Homozygous slsd07587 flies had lower state 3 respiration rates than controls (F1,35 = 20,61; P < 0.0001) (Panel D). In all panels, error bars represent standard errors for n = 14–24 independent replicates. Statistical significance was determined by a two-way ANOVA.

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