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Table 1 List of genes whose deletions exhibited strong sensitivities to DNA damage reagents

From: Identification of novel genes involved in DNA damage response by screening a genome-wide Schizosaccharomyces pombe deletion library

Systematic ID Gene name Description of the gene products DNA damaging agents Flow cytometry phenotypea Referenceb
SPAC17A5.07c ulp2 + SUMO deconjugating cysteine peptidase HU, BLM, MMS, TBZ, UV 1C [19]
SPAC1952.07 rad1 + checkpoint clamp complex protein HU, BLM, MMS, CPT, UV 1C [12, 13, 20]
SPAC23C11.15 pst2 + Clr6 histone deacetylase complex subunit HU, BLM, MMS, TBZ, UV 2C [21]
SPAC3C7.03c rhp55 + RecA family ATPase HU, BLM, MMS, TBZ, UV 2C [12, 22]
SPBC1D7.04 mlo3 + RNA annealing factor HU, BLM, MMS, CPT, UV W4C [13]
SPAC1952.05 gcn5 + SAGA complex histone acetyltransferase catalytic subunit HU, MMS, CPT, TBZ 2C [12, 13, 23]
SPAC227.07c pab1 + protein phosphatase regulatory subunit HU, MMS, TBZ, UV S4C [12, 13, 24]
SPAC4D7.10c spt20 + histone acetyltransferase SAGA complex subunit HU, CPT, TBZ, UV S4C [23]
SPAC6G9.10c sen1 + ATP-dependent 5' to 3' DNA/RNA helicase HU, BLM, TBZ, UV 2C [25]
SPBC146.13c myo1 + myosin type I HU, BLM, TBZ, UV 2C [12, 26]
SPBC2F12.11c rep2 + transcriptional activator HU, BLM, MMS, UV 1C [13, 27]
SPBC3D6.04c mad1 + mitotic spindle checkpoint protein HU, BLM, TBZ, UV NCc [13, 28]
SPBC342.05 crb2 + DNA repair protein RAD9 homolog HU, BLM, MMS, UV NC [12, 13, 29]
SPBC409.15   rRNA processing protein HU, MMS, TBZ, UV S4C [13]
SPCC1393.05 ers1 + RNA-silencing factor HU, BLM, TBZ, UV 2C [13]
SPCC306.04c set1 + histone lysine methyltransferase HU, BLM, MMS, TBZ 2C [13, 30]
SPCC417.02 dad5 + DASH complex subunit HU, BLM, TBZ, UV NC [12, 13, 31]
SPAC16E8.09 scd1 + Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor HU, BLM, TBZ 2C [32]
SPAC4H3.05 srs2 + ATP-dependent DNA helicase BLM, MMS, UV 1C [12, 33]
SPAC6F6.01 cch1 + calcium channel HU, MMS, UV 2C [12, 13]
SPAC664.07c rad9 + checkpoint clamp complex protein HU, BLM, MMS NC [12, 13, 20]
SPBC11B10.10c pht1 + histone H2A variant BLM, MMS, UV NC [34]
SPBC13G1.08c ash2 + Ash2-trithorax family protein, Set1 complex component HU, BLM, TBZ 2C [12, 30]
SPBC428.08c clr4 + histone H3 methyltransferase HU, MMS ,TBZ 1C [12, 13, 35]
SPBC660.11 tcg1 + single-stranded telomeric binding protein HU, BLM, TBZ 2C [13]
SPBC800.05c atb2 + tubulin alpha 2 HU, BLM, TBZ W4C [13, 36]
SPCC126.04c sgf73 + histone acetyltransferase SAGA complex subunit HU, MMS, TBZ W4C [12, 23]
SPCC126.15c sec65 + signal recognition particle subunit BLM, TBZ, UV S4C [12, 13]
SPCC162.12 tco89 + TORC1 subunit HU, BLM, UV NC [37]
SPAC2F7.08c snf5 + chromatin remodeling complex subunit HU, MMS 1C [38]
SPAC664.01c swi6 + chromodomain protein HU, TBZ NC [12, 13, 35]
SPAC19A8.11c   recombination protein BLM NC [13]
SPAC3F10.02c trk1 + potassium ion transporter HU, BLM, CPT, TBZ, UV 2C This study
SPAC1486.04c alm1 + medial ring protein HU, BLM, MMS, UV NC This study
SPAC17G6.06d rps2401 + 40S ribosomal protein HU, BLM, MMS, UV 2C This study
SPBC2A9.02e   NAD dependent epimerase/dehydratase family protein HU, BLM, MMS, UV 1C This study
SPCC63.02c aah3 + alpha-amylase homolog HU, BLM, TBZ, UV W4C This study
SPAC14C4.05cd mug61 + LEM domain protein, Sad1 interacting factor HU, BLM, UV 2C This study
SPAC1556.06f meu1 + meiotic expression up-regulated protein HU, BLM, UV NC This study
SPAC22E12.11c set3 + histone lysine methyltransferase BLM, MMS, UV W4C This study
SPAC25H1.05f meu29 + meiotic expression up-regulated protein 29 precursor HU, BLM, TBZ W4C This study
SPAC27D7.05c apc14 + anaphase-promoting complex subunit HU, TBZ, UV NC This study
SPAC3G6.01 hrp3 + ATP-dependent DNA helicase BLM, TBZ, UV 2C This study
SPBP8B7.13 vac7 + Vac7 ortholog HU, MMS, TBZ W4C This study
SPCC830.06d   calcineurin regulatory subunit HU, BLM, TBZ W4C This study
SPAC27D7.08ce   DUF890 family protein HU, BLM 1C This study
SPAC3F10.17d   ribosome biogenesis protein HU, BLM 2C This study
SPBC29A10.02 mug12 + meiotic RNA-binding protein HU, BLM NC This study
SPBC31E1.02c pmr1 + P-type ATPase, calcium transporting HU, UV NC This study
SPBC577.13d syj2 + inositol polyphosphate phosphatase HU, TBZ NC This study
SPCC1494.03 arz1 + Zfs1 target number 1 MMS, UV 1C This study
SPBC20F10.10d psl1 + cyclin pho85 family MMS NC This study
  1. a See text for detailed descriptions of flow cytometry phenotypes.
  2. b Reference that reported involvement of gene in DDR.
  3. c NC, no change.
  4. d role inferred from homology.
  5. e conserved hypothetical.
  6. f sequence orphan.