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Table 2 List of homologues of novel DDR genes in S. cerevisiae

From: Identification of novel genes involved in DNA damage response by screening a genome-wide Schizosaccharomyces pombe deletion library

Systematic ID in S. pombe Gene name in S. pombe Systematic ID in S. cerevisiae Gene name in S. cerevisiae DNA damaging agents* Reference
SPAC3F10.02c trk1 + YJL129C TRK1 -  
SPAC1486.04c alm1 + YKR095W MLP1 BLM, MMS, UV [4042]
SPAC17G6.06 rps2401 + YER074W RPS24A HU [43]
SPBC2A9.02   YLL056C   -  
SPAC22E12.11c set3 + YPL181W CTI6 -  
SPAC3G6.01 hrp3 + YER164W CHD1 HU [43]
SPCC830.06   YKL190W CNB1 -  
SPAC3F10.17   YKL143W LTV1 -  
SPBC31E1.02c pmr1 + YGL167C PMR1 HU, TBZ [43, 44]
SPBC577.13 syj2 + YOR109W INP53 BLM [43]
SPBC20F10.10 psl1 + YIL050W PCL7 -  
  1. * Listed are the DNA damage reagents that deletion of S. cerevisiae genes are sensitive to.