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Figure 3

From: An S/T-Q cluster domain census unveils new putative targets under Tel1/Mec1 control

Figure 3

SCD-containing proteins in the S. cerevisiae SCD census. (A) Schematic of how Tel1/Mec1 may be directing the G2, Spindle Assembly, Spindle Position checkpoints, Mitotic Exit Network, and r egulation of A ce2p transcription factor and polarized m orphogenesis (RAM) network. Members of these checkpoints with putative SCD domains are shown in red. (B) Schematic of cell cycle progression gene clusters that are regulated by transcription factors with putative SCDs. (C) Schematic of categories of SCD-containing proteins that are involved in DNA structure and integrity. (D) Schematic of RNApolII-related complexes whose members were identified as having SCD domains.

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