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Table 4 P-values of four statistics for testing the association of a gene with CVD in Framingham Heart Study

From: Weighted pedigree-based statistics for testing the association of rare variants

Gene Number of SNPs χ2 Collapsing VT WSS
B4GALNT2 6 2.01E-03 2.10E-04 2.27E-03 6.00E-05
AKAP7 3 6.38E-02 6.61E-04 1.42E-02 1.00E-04
BOMB 5 2.48E-03 3.51E-03 8.16E-04 3.00E-04
STX11 4 1.35E-02 3.11E-03 7.78E-04 3.60E-04
PIWIL3 4 5.89E-02 8.67E-03 1.06E-02 4.50E-04
CRY1 10 5.87E-04 4.92E-01 2.84E-02 4.70E-04
PTGES3 7 3.57E-02 1.40E-02 6.42E-03 5.46E-04
HMSD 8 9.62E-03 7.65E-01 3.33E-02 8.38E-04
MNB/DYRK 9 1.02E-02 4.87E-02 3.64E-02 8.85E-04
PIK3R4 5 2.89E-03 5.51E-01 5.79E-04 1.01E-03
MAP3K5 19 7.57E-02 9.61E-02 2.36E-03 1.31E-03
ZNF823 3 2.78E-02 1.18E-03 1.58E-02 1.34E-03
CTCF 3 1.12E-01 3.83E-02 1.73E-01 1.36E-03
TRPC4 14 4.15E-02 5.99E-02 7.32E-04 1.50E-03
OSBPL9 12 9.09E-03 1.45E-04 1.83E-02 1.53E-03
DYRK1A 12 1.47E-02 7.78E-02 3.47E-02 1.58E-03
FAM19A2 13 2.65E-01 2.28E-03 9.43E-03 1.60E-03
MRPS18C 12 2.19E-03 5.37E-03 2.51E-03 1.63E-03
FAM175A 9 2.43E-03 3.51E-03 2.11E-03 1.67E-03
ZNF714 6 3.40E-03 1.16E-02 2.39E-03 1.85E-03
AGPAT5 9 1.96E-02 1.68E-01 6.85E-03 1.94E-03