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Table 1 Preliminary testing of the tBLASTx method with pooled known pea and S . sclerotiorum ESTs

From: Rapid transcriptome characterization and parsing of sequences in a non-model host-pathogen interaction; pea-Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Category of EST Numbers of ESTs ESTs assigned successfully
Plant 15,289 99.9% (14 wrong)
Fungi 16,908 99.8% (23 wrong)
Ambiguous 1,519 N/A
Unassigned 1,972 N/A
Total 35,688* 90.1%
  1. *To assess the potential of the tBLASTx method for the parsing of pea and S. sclerotiorum EST contigs, 17,533 and 18,547 known S. sclerotiorum and pea ESTs from online databases were pooled, the ESTs were then parsed using the tBLASTx method. Only 9.8% of ESTs could not be assigned and only 37 (0.1%) ESTs were mis-assigned to the wrong class (plant or fungi).