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Table 3 Previously unannotated areas that exhibited high transcriptional activity

From: Comparative genomics and transcriptomics of trait-gene association

Region1 Length Identity through blastX Gene before Gene after Fold change
251313.251855 543 hypothetical protein AmarV_01231 [Anaplasma marginale str. Virginia] AM294 pep1 AM259 thiD 0.7
336042.336685 644 n/a AM380 AM382 23.6*
393765.394740 976 DNA-binding protein HU [Anaplasma phagocytophilum HZ] AM434 pdxJ AM435 1.1
459343.459783 441 hypothetical protein AmarM_02282 [Anaplasma marginale str. Mississippi] AM504 tRNA-Asn-1 1.3
887245.887579 335 hypothetical protein PseS9_19739 [Pseudomonas sp. S9] AM969 bioB AM973 purL 1.5
1084944.1085520 577 hypothetical protein AmarM_05569 [Anaplasma marginale str. Mississippi] AM1214 polA AM1216 6.9*
  1. 1base pair positions spanned by the newly identified regions in the St. Maries genome.
  2. *Statistically significant fold changes are indicated with an asterisk.