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Table 5 Groups of SNPs

From: A catalogue of putative unique transcripts from Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) based on 454 transcriptome sequencing of genetically diverse, drought stressed seedlings

Origin of reads confirming the reference nucleotide c i c i c ci i ci ci  
Origin of reads confirming the variant nucleotide c i i c ci c ci i ci  
Group name c/c i/i c/i ci/c ci/i ci/ci  
  1. Partitioning of SNPs into groups depending on the origin (coastal vs. interior) of sequence reads. c: only reads of coastal libraries; i: only reads of interior libraries, ci: reads of coastal as well as interior libraries; ci/ci: both possible nucleotides were confirmed by reads of coastal and interior libraries; c/i: one of the possible nucleotides at the SNP position was confirmed only by reads of coastal libraries, the other nucleotide only by reads of interior libraries; etc.