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Figure 1

From: Multiple-omic data analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578 reveals its transcriptional architecture and regulatory features

Figure 1

Experimental elucidation of the transcriptional architecture for Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578. Examples illustrating the identification of a (A) new open reading frame from the data sets (HAD hydrolase, family IB, E-value from query vs. best hit by BLASTp search: 7.00E-125); (B) an sRNA, CsrB (genomic coordinates: 3,438,478~3,438,829); and (C) an antisense transcript against KPN_02564/yehW (genomic coordinates: 2810932~2811731). In each panel, the new feature is depicted as a yellow arrow, while gray arrows denote currently annotated genes. Green: Strand-specific transcription data. Orange: RNA polymerase binding data. Blue: RpoD binding data. Black: Transcription start site (TSS) data. Red: newly-determined genomic feature. The name of each RNA-guided transcript segment (RTS) is structured as follows: RTS_genome; locus ID; start site on microarray; stop site on microarray; strand; growth phase. In panel (C), the bottom gray rectangle denotes the sense RTS on the forward strand.

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