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Table 1 Experimentally derived annotation of the Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578 genome

From: Multiple-omic data analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578 reveals its transcriptional architecture and regulatory features

ORFs 5194/411*
tRNAs 86 (86)
rRNAs 25 (25)
sRNAs 15 (1)
RNAP binding sites 2677
RpoD binding sites 1227/143*
RpoS binding sites 1066/82*
TSS 3585/263*
pORF 119/40*
RTSs – total 3660
RTSs – exponential phase 678
RTSs – stationary phase 1003
RTSs – both phases 1979
Antisense transcripts 185/38*
Leaderless mRNAs 83
  1. Numbers with asterisks (*) before the forward slash denote the total number of each feature detected in our data set, while numbers after the slash denote the number of each feature located on one of the 5 plasmids. Example: out of 5194 ORFs that were detected, 411 of them are located on a plasmid. The number of ORFs was taken from the GenBank annotation at the time of data analysis. All other values were derived experimentally as part of this study except for numbers in parentheses, which were taken from the current GenBank annotation. Abbreviations: pORF, putative ORF; RTSs, RNAP-guided transcript segments.