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Table 3 Protease inhibitors used in the Eimeria tenella GAM56 processing assay

From: Stage-specific expression of protease genes in the apicomplexan parasite, Eimeria tenella

Inhibitor Inhibitor target Final concentration Company
Pepstatin A Aspartyl 1 μm Sigma-Aldrich
N-ethylmalemide Cysteine 1 mM Sigma-Aldrich
E-64 Cysteine 10 μM MP Biomedicals
Z-Phe-Ala-diazomethylketone Cysteine 2 μM Bachem, UK
Antipain Ser + Cys 100 μM MP Biomedicals
Chymostatin Ser + Cys 200 μg/ml Sigma-Aldrich
Leupeptin Ser + Cys 100 μM Sigma-Aldrich
AEBSF Serine 1 mM Sigma-Aldrich
Aprotinin Serine 0.002 TIU MP Biomedicals
Benzamidine HCl Serine 4 mM Sigma-Aldrich
Soybean Trypsin inhibitor Serine 100 μg/ml Sigma-Aldrich
Bestatin Metallo (amino) 40 μM Sigma-Aldrich
Phosphoramidon Metallo (endo) 10 μM MP Biomedicals
EDTA di-sodium salt Metallo 5 mM Sigma-Aldrich