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Table 1 Synthesis errors

From: A model of binding on DNA microarrays: understanding the combined effect of probe synthesis failure, cross-hybridization, DNA fragmentation and other experimental details of affymetrix arrays

Probe sequence Type of synthesis error(s)
5’ C12T11A10C9C8G7T6A5C4C3G2T1 3’ Full length probe (no error)
5’ C8G7T6A5C4C3G2T1 3’ Incorporation error base 9
5’ C8G7T6_5C4C3G2T1 3’ Incorporation error base 9 and abasic site
5’ C12T11A10_9C8G7T6_5C4C3G2T1 3’ Full length probe with two abasic sites
5’ T6_5C4_3G2T1 3’ Incorporation error base 7 and two abasic sites
  1. Table1: (_) denotes an abasic site.