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Figure 2

From: Identification and localisation of the NB-LRR gene family within the potato genome

Figure 2

Physical map of the 12 potato chromosomes with individual CNLs and TNLs. The relative map position of 366 unique DMGs encoding for NB-LRR type genes is shown on the individual pseudomolecules depicting the chromosomes 1-12. Each gene has a unique label representing the 7 last informative digits from the DMG identifier. Genes encoded by the positive DNA strand are depicted on the left hand side of the chromosomes, whereas those encoded by the negative strand are shown on the right. Colours and background of the genes are identical to the phylogenetic subgroups (TNL, CNL-R, CNL-1 to CNL-8) shown in Figure 1. Grey bars on chromosomes 1, 2, 5 and 12 represent known gaps in the assembly.

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