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Table 5 Candidate transcripts whose expression levels correlated with fire blight resistance in a population of trees segregating for fire blight susceptibility (regression analysis).

From: Rootstock-regulated gene expression patterns associated with fire blight resistance in apple

  E. amylovora strain    
Seq_ID E2002a Ea273 4001a hit Description evalue
APPLE0F000021750   X X At3g54020 inositol phosphorylceramide synthase 2 - 3E-19
APPLE0F000017942   X X At5g17420 cellulose synthase, catalytic subunit (IRX3) identical to gi:5230423 5E-08
APPLE00R00017800 X   X At5g02570 histone H2B, putative similar to histone H2B-2 Lycopersicon esculentum 2E-24
APPLE0F000016970 X    At3g01090 Snf1-related protein kinase (KIN10) (SKIN10) 2E-14
APPLE0F000020273* X    At5g56000 heat shock protein 81-4 (HSP81-4)  
APPLE0FR00077763 X    No Hits Found   1E-34
APPLE0F000025563 X    At3g47520 malate dehydrogenase [NAD], chloroplast (MDH) identical to chloroplast NAD-malate dehydrogenase [A. thaliana] GI:3256066 9E-30
APPLE0FR00039135 X    No Hits Found   
APPLE0F000018055   X   At3g22550 similar to senescence-associated protein SAG102 4E-41
APPLE0FR00077391   X   No Hits Found   1E+00
APPLE0F000059277   X   At4g02230 60S ribosomal protein L19  
APPLE0FR00069907   X   No Hits Found   2E-18
APPLE0F000018558   X   At3g47470 chlorophyll A-B binding protein 4, LHCI type III CAB-4 (CAB4) 1E-22
APPLE0FR00078469   X   No Hits Found   
APPLE0FR00072723   X   gb|AAD45359|AF161252_1 cycloidea-like protein [Linaria vulgaris] 2E-06
APPLE0FR00048629   X   emb|CAG59326|| unnamed protein product [Candida glabrata CBS138] ref|XP_4463991| unnamed protein product [Candida glabrata] 2.E-02
APPLE0FR00038610   X   No Hits Found   
APPLE00R00062246   X   dbj|BAB1270| P0671B1122 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 2.E-06
APPLE0F000021761   X   At1g72370 40S ribosomal protein SA (RPSaA) identical to laminin receptor-like protein GB:U01955 [A thaliana] 9.E-20
APPLE0FR00036516    X gb|EAA23003| Ribosomal protein L31e, putative [Plasmodium yoelii yoelii] 2E-06
APPLE0FR00076821    X No Hits Found   
APPLE0FR00076762    X No Hits Found   
APPLE0F000016441*    X At1g29930 chlorophyll A-B binding protein 2, LHCII type I CAB-2/CAB-140 3.E-70
APPLE0F000019498    X At2g42210 mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunit Tim17/Tim22/Tim23 family protein 8E-07
APPLE0F000018523*    X At3g12580 heat shock protein 70, putative/HSP70, putative 8E-49
APPLE00R00018643    X At3g27690 chlorophyll A-B binding protein (LHCB2:4) 4E-22
APPLE0F000020073    X At2g34690 expressed protein 3E-14
APPLE0F000021409    X At3g05890 hydrophobic protein (RCI2B)/low temperature and salt responsive protein (LTI6B) 5E-10
APPLE0FR00037149    X No Hits Found   
APPLE0FR00080491    X gb|AAK07949|AF318573_29 unknown [Bovine herpesvirus 4] 1E+00
APPLE0F000025192    X At3g56900 aladin-related/adracalin-related weak similarity to SP|Q9NRG9 3E-16
APPLE0F000060354    X At5g02120 68418m00133 thylakoid membrane one helix protein (OHP) 1E+00
APPLE0F000001282    X At4g38920 vacuolar ATP synthase 16 kDa proteolipid subunit 3/V-ATPase 1.E-34
APPLE0F000058071    X At1g75780 tubulin beta-1 chain (TUB1) nearly identical to SP|P12411 2E-02
APPLE0F000020583    X At2g34250 protein transport protein sec61, putative similar to PfSec61 [Plasmodium falciparum] GI:3057044 6E-34
APPLE0F000019736    X At5g39740 60S ribosomal protein L5 (RPL5B) ribosomal protein L5, rice 2E-02
APPLE0FR00045816    X No Hits Found   
APPLE0FR00036516    X gb|EAA23003| Ribosomal protein L31e, putative [Plasmodium yoelii yoelii] 1E-16
APPLE0F000018069    X At5g09810 actin 7 (ACT7)/actin 2 identical to SP|P53492 Actin 7 (Actin-2) {Arabidopsis thaliana} 4E-72
APPLE0F000026657 #   X   At1g04540 C2 domain-containing protein low similarity to cold-regulated gene SRC2 [Glycine max] 3E-11
APPLE0FR00032503#   X   ref|XP_032996| similar to KIAA0819 protein [Homo sapiens] 3E-01
APPLE0F000061746# X    sp|P43309|PPO_MALDO Polyphenol oxidase, chloroplast precursor (PPO) (Catechol oxidase) 0E+00
  1. X = an un-adjusted p value of less than 0.05 for the analysis
  2. * Transcripts also found in Table 3
  3. # Transcripts less abundant in plants with low susceptibility to fire blight
  4. Underlined text corresponds to genes that were also identified as differentially expressed upon infection by Sarowar et al., [13].