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Table 1 Pathway analysis for 263 genes that enhanced 128Q-neuron dysfunction when knocked-down by RNAi

From: Large-scale functional RNAi screen in C. elegans identifies genes that regulate the dysfunction of mutant polyglutamine neurons

Pathway P value Gene
Ascorbate and aldarate metabolism 0.00000 B0218.8/clec-52, C01G6.1/aqp-2, C08B11.8, C12C8.2, C13B9.1, C36E8.3/pxd-1, C50D2.8, C52B9.1/cka-2, C52E4.1/cpr-1, C53B7.3, C54C8.9/nlp-39, D1025.4/nspc-20, D1086.3, F08B1.1/vhp-1, F29G6.2, F38E11.1/hsp-12.3, F45C12.7/btb-6, F46H5.3, F49E12.1, F54B11.3/unc-84, F54F7.3, F56D6.2/clec-67, K07E3.3/dao-3, K08D8.3, K09C4.5, M02F4.7/clec-265, M03F4.7/calu-1, T07H3.3/math-38, T16H12.1, T23B3.2, T23H2.2/snt-4, W08D2.4/fat-3, Y38H6C.3/dct-14, ZC410.5, ZC416.6, ZK6.11
Starch and sucrose metabolism 0.00119 F57B10.7/tre-1, R05F9.6, T22F3.3, Y87G2A.8/gpi-1
Tyrosine metabolism 0.00535 B0334.11/ooc-3, F46C3.1/pek-1, M110.5/dab-1
Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism 0.01885 F22B3.4, R05F9.6, Y87G2A.8/gpi-1
Glycolysis 0.03209 T03F1.3/pgk-1, Y87G2A.8/gpi-1
Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis 0.03332 R05F9.6, T03F1.3/pgk-1, Y87G2A.8/gpi-1
Fatty acid biosynthesis 0.03415 W09B6.1/pod-2
Pentose phosphate pathway 0.04375 R05F9.6, Y87G2A.8/gpi-1
  1. Pathway analysis was based on hypergeomeric tests using pathways from Wormbook, KEGG and Panther. P < 0.05 was considered significant and results are shown by increasing P values.