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Table 1 Summary of analysis on miRNA reads

From: miRNA arm selection and isomiR distribution in gastric cancer

  G1245N G1245T
# Reads 17,492,248 23,974,839
# detected pre-miRNAs a 542 556
# detected miRNAs a 688 705
# miRNAs at opposite arm b 87 96
# isomiRs 5,132 5,305
# isomiRs with length equal to miRNA 542 569
  1. We mapped the sequence reads back to human pre-miRNA, quantifying the expression levels of pre-miRNAs, mature miRNA and isomiRs.
  2. a: The human pre-miRNA and mature miRNA are based on the definition of miRBase 16. Totally, there are 1,048 pre-miRNAs and 1,223 mature miRNAs, resulting in 1,366 miRNA/pre-miRNA pairs.
  3. b: According to miRBase 16, 730 out of 1,048 human pre-miRNAs encode only one mature miRNA at one arm, either 5p or 3p arm. With the improvement on NGS's sequencing intensity, we detected additional opposite-arm mature miRNAs at the pre-miRNAs originally encoding only one miRNA.