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Table 2 Diversity of the eight cysteine motifs of the nsLTPs recorded in the nsLTPDB

From: Construction and analysis of a plant non-specific lipid transfer protein database (nsLTPDB)

8 CM and number of flanking amino acid residues
Type   1   2   3,4   5 6   7   8  
I X0-12,16 C X8-10 C X12-17 CC X18-20,29 CXC X19-24 C X7,13-15 C X26,37,48
II X0-20 C X7 C X13,15 CC X8-10 CXC X16,21,24 C X4-7 C X0-2
III X0-7 C X9,10 C X12,15,17 CC X9 CXC X21-24,2 C X6-10,13 C X0-5,10
IV X2-5,10 C X14 C X14 CC X11-13 CXC X24 C X10 C X6,10,12
V X2-17 C X10 C X16,17 CC X9 CXC X22,23 C X7,9 C X5-12
Cysteine residue numbers are missing
Type   1   2   3,4   5 6   7   8  
A    X1-13,18,29 C X8,13-16 CC X8,9,16-19 CXC X22,23 C X6-14 C X1-6
B X1-3,11 C X7,9 C X13-16 CC X8,12,19 CXC X21-24,36 C X4,10,13,33,64   
C    X4,9 C X13 CC X15,19 CXC X22,45 C X1,11,12   
D     C X1-11 CC X19 CXC X21-23 C X4,5,10,12