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Table 2 Selected genes highly mutated in colon cancer tumor genomes

From: Domain landscapes of somatic mutations in cancer

Gene Protein Accession Mutations Protein Length
APC NP_001120982 76 2843
BRAF NP_004324 14 766
FBXW7 NP_361014 21 745
KRAS NP_203524 30 189
LOC440563 NP_001130033 33 293
NRAS NP_002515 7 189
OR8U1 NP_001005204 48 309
TAS2R19 NP_795369 22 299
TAS2R30 NP_001091112 28 319
TAS2R31 NP_795366 31 309
TAS2R43 NP_795365 36 309
TP53 NP_000537 31 393
  1. Selected list of significantly mutated genes as identified by using local false discovery rate (LFDR) (threshold < 0.1) of the length normalized mutation frequencies for all genes. Mutation counts are the total counts of somatic mutations identified in 100 colon cancer patients falling inside the protein coding region of the gene. Protein length is the number of amino acids in the representative protein isoform for the corresponding gene.