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Table 1 PWM pairs with high and low FR values in the genomic set of promoters.

From: A novel unbiased measure for motif co-occurrence predicts combinatorial regulation of transcription

Transcription factor A (PWM ID) Transcription factor B (PWM ID) FR genomic (B|A) (high/low) * Species GC content difference
TBP (M00471) Six6 (PB0163) 2.75 (high) human 0.28
Six6 (PB0163) TBP (M00471) 2.56 (high) human 0.28
POU1F1, POU3F2 (M00463) Six6 (PB0163) 2.10 (high) mouse 0.22
TBP (M00471) POU2F1, Sox15 (M00162) 2.09 (high) mouse 0.21
POU2F1, Sox15 (M00162) TBP (M00471) 2.08 (high) mouse 0.21
TBP (M00471) Cux1 (PH0017) 2.07 (high) mouse 0.22
Six6 (PB0163) POU1F1, POU3F2 (M00463) 2.06 (high) mouse 0.22
Six6 (PB0163) TBP (M00471) 1.89 (high) mouse 0.28
various homeobox TFs (PH0077) TBP (M00471) 1.88 (high) mouse 0.27
Sox17, Sox8 (PB0178) TBP (M00471) 1.80 (high) mouse 0.28
Zfp105 (PB0197) TBP (M00471) 1.80 (high) mouse 0.29
TBP (M00471) Six6 (PB0163) 1.79 (high) mouse 0.28
TBP (M00471) Sox17, Sox8 (PB0178) 1.79 (high) mouse 0.28
TBP (M00471) various homeobox TFs (PH0077) 1.76 (high) mouse 0.27
TBP (M00471) Zfp105 (PB0197) 1.75 (high) mouse 0.29
C/EBP factors (M00201) TBP (M00471) 1.53 (high) mouse 0.34
MITF-TFE family (bHLH) (M01029) E2F TFs (M00516) 0.65 (low) mouse 0.12
E2F TFs (PB0009) MITF-TFE family (bHLH) (M01029) 0.54 (low) mouse 0.15
  1. * (high/low) indicates whether the genomic FR is higher or lower than expected.