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Figure 3

From: Computational discovery and RT-PCR validation of novel Burkholderia conserved and Burkholderia pseudomallei unique sRNAs

Figure 3

Overview of sRNA candidates. (A) Length distribution. (B) G+C content distribution. (C) Properties of genomes, IGRs and sRNA candidates by species: Column graph - Total IGR and sRNA candidate sizes. Line graph - Overall G+C content of genome, IGR and sRNA candidate sequences. Bp - B. pseudomallei, Ba - B. ambifaria, Bc - B. cenocepacia, Bg - B. glumae, Bm - B. mallei, Bmv - B. multivorans, Bpm - B. phymatum, Bpt - B. phytofirmans, Bt - B. thailandensis, Bx - B. xenovorans, Bv - B. vietnamiensis, Re - R. eutropha, Rp - R. pickettii, Rs - R. solanacearum (further details of the species analysed are available in Additional file 1).

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