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Figure 4

From: Computational discovery and RT-PCR validation of novel Burkholderia conserved and Burkholderia pseudomallei unique sRNAs

Figure 4

RT-PCR validation of fifteen sRNA candidates. Electrophoresis of PCR amplicons of 15 novel sRNAs on 3% agarose gel. Lane 1 & 17: O'GeneRulerâ„¢ Low Range DNA Ladder (Fermentas, Vilnius, Lithuania), Lane 2-16: 15 sRNA candidates and positive control (Bp2_Cand287_SIPHT, Bp1_Cand449_SIPHT/Bp1_Cand846_SIPHT, Bp2_Cand11_sRNAscanner, Bp1_Cand612_SIPHT, Bp2_Cand77_SIPHT, Bp1_Cand684_SIPHT, Bp1_Cand697_SIPHT, Bp1_Cand738_SIPHT, Bp1_Cand871_SIPHT, positive control, Bp1_Cand506_SIPHT, Bp1_Cand507_SIPHT, Bp2_Cand393_SIPHT, Bp1_Cand620_SIPHT, Bp1_Cand732_SIPHT).

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