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Table 2 Genome analysis of M. morganii KT and P. mirabilis HI4320

From: Whole-genome sequencing and identification of Morganella morganii KT pathogenicity-related genes

Feature Morganella morganii KT contigs Proteus mirabilis HI4320 chromosome
Genome 58 None
Contig numbers 240,446 None
N50 contig size (bp) 3,826,919 4,063,606
Total contig length (bp) 51.15 38.9
Protein-coding genes   
No. of predicted genes 3,565 3,607
CDS with assigned to COGs 2,870 2,850
Number of Transposases 21 33
(IS3, IS4, IS10R)   
Non-protein-coding genes   
tRNAs 72 83
23S rRNA 1(~7.9X) 7
16S rRNA 1(~8.2X) 7
5S rRNA 8 8
  1. The draft genome of M. morganii strain KT were de novo assembled into 58 contigs (length > 200 bp), the N50 contig size is 240,446 bp, (N50: the minimum contig length of at least 50% of the contigs), which together comprised 3,826,919 bp with GC content of 51.15%. P. mirabilis HI4320 chromosome has total 4,063,606 bp and G+C content of 38.9% [32].
  2. Database searches identified 3,565 predicted coding sequences (CDSs). Among them, 2,870 CDSs could be placed into clusters of orthologous groups with assigned biological functions, and 21 transposes have also predicted. As P. mirabilis identified 3,607 predicted CDSs, 2,850 could placed into clusters of orthologous groups and have 33 transposes predicted.
  3. M. morganii have predicted 72 tRNAs, as P. mirabilis have 83 tRNAs. M. morganii have one 16S rRNA, one 23 SrRNA, and eight 5S rRNA were predicted, Further analysis of contigs revealed that the 16S rRNA had a read depth of 7.9-fold and that the 23S rRNA had a read depth of 8.2-fold.