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Table 3 Pathogenicity and fitness factors identified from analysis of the genome of M. morganii KT

From: Whole-genome sequencing and identification of Morganella morganii KT pathogenicity-related genes

Category Niche genes of M. morganii KT
Drug resistance Ampicillin resistance, ampC-ampR.
Metallo-β-lactamases (MBL) MM2254, MM2308, and MM2606.
Tellurite resistance operon MM933-1004.
Tetracycline resistant, chloramphenicol, acetyltransferase, bicyclomycin, acetyltransferase, kasugamycin tetAJ, catA2, bcr, catB3-like, ksgA.
  Multidrug resistance and efflux genes (34 genes, Additional File 3: Supplementary table 2).
Fimbrial adhesins 3 MR/P operons, 13 mrpJ paralogous, 1 fimbrial chaperone, 2 UCA (NAF) operons, 1 PMF operon, and 2 other operons (Tables 4, 5).
  6 putative type IV pili genes hofCB, ppdABCD, and 2 putative trimeric autotransporter secretion genes MM2011, MM2042.
Motility/flagellum-related Most flagellum-related genes and chemotaxis genes; MM1735-1785, MM1796-1797, and MM1786-1793 (at a single locus) (Additional File 4: Supplementary table 3).
  Methyl-accepting chemotaxis gene MM0264, aerotaxis gene MM1607, and 9 regulators of flagellar genes umoABCD, rssBA, rcsBCD.
T3SS Type III secretion system needle complex MM0224-MM0243 (20 genes), and effectors, ipaCBD-chaperone (MM0244-MM0247, 4 genes) (Additional File 5: Supplementary table 4)
TCS 19 potential two-component regulator systems (TCS) were identified.
Iron acquisition system Heme uptake, ferric, ferrous iron transport, ferric siderophore receptor, B12 transporter, and siderophore iron uptake hmuSTUV, afuABC, feoAB, ireA, btuCD, btuB, and yfeDCBA
  18 other related genes (fecR, ABC transporters, TonB-dep. receptors)
IgA protease Zinc metalloprotease, capable of cleaving host Ig, zapABCD (MM1054-MM1056, MM1058)
LPS, ECA & capsule (1) Release lipid A, induce initial endotoxic shock and enterobacterial common antigen (41 genes, Additional File 6: Supplementary table 5) (2) Protect from phagocytosis, rcsB,C,D,F
Haemolysins hmpBA (MM2452, MM2453)
Ureases Urea as a nitrogen source, rapid urea hydrolysis, a cause of stone formation. ureABCEFGD-urea transporter (MM1961-MM1968)
Insecticidal& apoptotic toxins 9 insecticidal toxin: (1) tccB, tccA, and tcdB 2 (MM0965-MM0967), (2) xptA1A1C1 (MM1780-1782), (3) tcaC, tccB 3, and tcaC (MM1901, MM2567 and MM2570) (Additional File 7: Supplementary table 6)
  RtxA, XaxAB, intimin/invasion, HlyD toxin secretion, toxin transporter
Other genes required for persistence of infection and fitness for infection 6 superoxide stress genes katA, soxS, sodC,B,A, oxyR (Additional File 8: Supplementary table 7)
The phage-shock-protein, pspABC operon (MM0627-MM0629)
Ethanolamine utilisation Ethanolamine utilisation system, provide carbon and/or nitrogen uptake;
eutSPQTDMNEJGHABCLK-pduST-eutR (MM1148-MM1130). (Table 6)
Cobalamin biosynthesis Cobalamin (vitamin B12) biosynthesis, cbi-cob operon MM1167-MM1187.