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Table 4 Chaperone-usher fimbrial operons

From: Whole-genome sequencing and identification of Morganella morganii KT pathogenicity-related genes

Genes Designation
MM0177-MM0183 mrp''
MM0279-MM0281 uca'
MM0293-MM0300 mrp(mannose-resistant/Proteus-like fimbria)
MM0304-MM0312 mrp'
MM0959-MM0962 Fimbria 5
MM2683-MM2686 pmf (P. mirabilis fimbria); also called MR/K
MM2740-MM2745 uca (uroepithelial cell adhesin); also called naf (nonagglutinating fimbria
MM2839-MM2842 Fimbria 8