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Table 5 mrpJ paralogues in M. morganii

From: Whole-genome sequencing and identification of Morganella morganii KT pathogenicity-related genes

Name Locus Fimbrial operon
mrpJ MM0301 MR/P
mrpJ' MM0314 MR/P'
MM0158 MM0158 Orphan
MM0206 MM0206 Orphan
MM0209 MM0209 Orphan
MM0323 MM0323 Orphan
MM0639 MM0639 Orphan
MM0640 MM0640 Orphan
MM2529 MM2529 Orphan
MM2705 MM2705 Orphan
MM2712 MM2712 Orphan
MM2969 MM2969 Orphan
MM2970 MM2970 Orphan