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Table 4 Association of differentially expressed genes with schizophrenia

From: RNA-Seq analysis implicates dysregulation of the immune system in schizophrenia

Gene symbol Association P-valuea Gene function
LYN 0.0025 Schizophrenia candidate
HLA-DRB1 0.0065 Schizophrenia candidate
SAMHD1 0.0112 Aicardi-Goutières syndrome
SELL 0.0114 Schizophrenia candidate
S100A8 0.0140 Immune response/disease
CEBPD 0.0179 Schizophrenia candidate
ALDOA 0.0215 Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease candidate
CTSS 0.0223 Immune response/disease
NRGN 0.0263 Schizophrenia candidate
HLA-DRA 0.0267 Schizophrenia candidate
C1orf38 0.0269 Breast cancer
TRIM8 0.0272 Ubiquitylation
NKG7 0.0283 Immune response/diseases
MCL1 0.0302 Immune response/disease
FCN1 0.0363 Rheumatoid arthritis candidate
TYROBP 0.0367 Immune response/diseases
DDIT4 0.0410 Parkinson's disease candidate
FCGR3B 0.0434 Immune response/disease
LTA4H 0.0454 Myocardial infarction candidate
ITM2B 0.0480 Alzheimer's disease candidate
HSPA5 0.0493 Schizophrenia candidate
  1. aThe association was examined using the MGS GWAS dataset (see Methods) by the VEGAS method.