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Figure 3

From: The complex transcriptional landscape of the anucleate human platelet

Figure 3

Correlation heatmap matrix for RNA-seq vs. microarray analysis of the platelet transcriptome. A) To compare the protein-coding transcripts as deduced from RNA-seq and previous microarray analyses (Affymetrix GeneChip and Illumina BeadChip) and also microarrays with one another, we used a Spearman correlation computed from the union of protein-encoding genes (13,691 in all) that were represented on at least one of the platforms. B) To compare the RNA-seq datasets with one another, we computed Pearson’s correlation between the genomic transcript profiles obtained by each dataset. In both A) and B), each square lists the correlation coefficient value between the corresponding profiles; also, the color-coding convention is the same in order to facilitate comparisons.

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