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Table 1 NBS-encoding or RGH genes in cucurbitaceous crops

From: Genome-wide analysis of NBS-encoding disease resistance genes in Cucumis sativusand phylogenetic study of NBS-encoding genes in Cucurbitaceae crops

Name Scientific name JGI/GenBank accession numbers Database/References
Cucumber Cucumis sativus Cacsa.089350, Cacsa.091460, Cacsa.091470, Cacsa.091680, Cacsa.091690, Cacsa.091710, Cacsa.091780, Cacsa.091820, Cacsa.091840, Cacsa.178450, Cacsa.155730, Cacsa.237390, Cacsa.237410, Cacsa.237440, Cacsa.237520, Cacsa.237530, Cacsa.237540, Cacsa.237560, Cacsa.249360, Cacsa.275630, Cacsa.292710, Cacsa.338650, Cacsa.338660 Cacsa.017460, Cacsa.017490, Cacsa.088220, Cacsa.091880, Cacsa.094560, Cacsa.094580, Cacsa.094650, Cacsa.094660, Cacsa.094670, Cacsa.102240, Cacsa.123410, Cacsa.128030, Cacsa.128100, Cacsa.128110, Cacsa.128130, Cacsa.128140, Cacsa.132370, Cacsa.133510, Cacsa.163670, Cacsa.178360, Cacsa.178620, Cacsa.189390, Cacsa.237070, Cacsa.239860, Cacsa.248810, Cacsa.251930, Cacsa.277260, Cacsa.318890, Cacsa.326910, Cacsa.328080, Cacsa.337180, Cacsa.37190, Cacsa.338110, Cacsa.338190,
Melon Cucumis melo AF354505, AF354506, AF354510, AF354507, AF354516, AF354511, AF354504, AF354513 AF354515, AF354509, AF354514, AF354508*, AF354512* [56]
    AY583855 [39]
   JN230661-JN230670   In this study
Bottle gourd Lagenaria siceraria JN230598, JN230599, JN230601, JN230602, JN230604, JN230606, JN230607, JN230608, JN230609, JN230612, JN230614, JN230615, JN230618, JN230620-JN230633, JN230635, JN230636, JN230637, JN230638, JN230639, JN230600, JN230603, JN230605, JN230610, JN230611, JN230613, JN230616, JN230617, JN230619, JN230634, JN230640, In this study
Luffa Luffa cylindrica JN230641- JN230660   In this study
Watermelon Citrullus lanatus   DQ156558- DQ156564
   GU124539,GU124541, GU124544, GU124545,GU124546, GU124547, GU124548,GU124550, GU124551, GU124556,GU124557, GU124559, GU124562, GU124563, GU124540, GU124542, GU124543, GU124553#, GU124554#, GU124560*
   JN230671-JN230676, JN230678- JN230701 JN230677 In this study
  Citrullus colocynthis GU124549, GU124558, GU124561, GU124564, GU124552*, GU124555*,
Squash Cucurbita moschata EF199755-EF199758, EF101660-EF101666 EF199760, EF199759, EF101667
  1. *These sequences are pseudogenes. #These genes contained no complete conserved motifs of P-loop to GLPL.